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Indigenous Matters Working Group

In recognition of the ACA’s ongoing commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion a Working Group, dedicated to reconciliation, relationship-building and indigenization of the archives’ profession,has been established.Comprised of Indigenous and non-Indigenous archivists and heritage professionals, the Indigenous Matters Working Group (IMWG) is responsible for recommending a strategic and coordinated approach to the ACA which will support this urgent and ongoing work. This Working Group will review the Reconciliation Framework of the Response to the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Working Group(TRC-TF) of the Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives, alongside of the ACA’s current organizational structure, events and activities, membership framework and educational offerings to create an Indigenous Matters Action Plan. This Action Plan will not only identify areas within the ACA which require de-colonialization work be undertaken, it will also identify priorities and strategies for how to engage in this work. 

Working Group Members

Raegan Swanson, she/her/elle, Co-Chair
Krista McCracken, they/them, Co-Chair
Dominique Robichaud        
Tanis Franco        
Aaron Franks        
Stephen Shurgold        
Karen Ng        
Anna Kay Eldridge
Erica Hernández-Read, ACA Board

Terms of Reference  

Purpose:  The Indigenous Matters Working Group is responsible for:

  1. Reviewing the Reconciliation Framework of the TRC-TF alongside the ACA’s current equity commitments,organizational structure,events and activities, membership framework and educational offerings etc. to create an Indigenous Matters Action Plan which will outline recommendations for immediate change;
  2. Identifying resources and existing systems of support both within, and external to,the ACA which furthers the objectives of relationship-building, indigenization and reconciliation between the archival profession and First Nations, Métis an Inuit nations, communities and organizations across the country;
  3. Identify and develop relevant information resources to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous archives and archivists in their research and respectful relationship-building objectives.
  4. Composition: The Indigenous Matters Working Group will consist of at least 5 volunteer members appointed by the ACA Board. The ACA President will serve as the IMWG Board liaison.  
  5. Term: Members of this Working Group are appointed for a 2-year term, commencing in April2022 and concluding in 2024 prior to the June AGM.
  6. Participation and attendance: In order to be a Working Group member, the individual must be an ACA member in good standing, participate in Working Group work with timely completion of assigned tasks, and regularly attend Working Group meetings. An individual who is absent for two (2) consecutive meetings, or who misses a task submission deadline without providing the Working Group with written or verbal notification and reason for such, will be deemed to have resigned from their Working Group position.
  7. Compensation:Complimentary ACA membership and a pre-established honoraria amount of $500 per individual will be provided to those Indigenous individuals who are not regular ACA-members and who agree to volunteer their time, expertise and experience to the work of this Group for the benefit of the ACA. No monetary compensation will be provided to those non-Indigenous individuals who are regular ACA-members who volunteer their time on this Working Group. Reasonable pre-authorized expenses will be reimbursed.
  8. Meetings:Working Group members will meet at the discretion of the Chair(s) via web or teleconference calls, email correspondence, and/or in person when possible.
  9. Recordkeeping: Working Group notices, agendas, and minutes will be prepared on a rotational basis by individual Working Group members and will be submitted to the ACA Secretariat for retention.
  10. Reporting: The Working Group will report to the ACA Board via the President who is assigned liaison responsibilities for this Working Group, and will operate in this capacity at the discretion of the ACA Board.

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