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Archivaria: The Journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists

Archivaria, the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA), is devoted to the scholarly investigation of archives in Canada and internationally. Archivaria is published semi-annually in spring and fall with grateful acknowledgement for assistance provided by the University of Toronto and the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. Archivaria is available by print or online subscription. Reprints of published articles as well as back issues are also available.

In the Field: The ACA Blog

Contemporary archivists are engaged in a broad range of work within the field of archives. Whether through their work environment; through initiatives in the digital realm; through their involvement with communities to document, preserve, and provide access to their records; and through other outreach endeavours, archivists are involved in a variety of spaces. In the Field is a place for discussion about the wide range of issues encountered and raised in these spaces related to archives, archival education, and archival interventions. 
For more information on proposing or submitting a blog post please read and complete the submission form We look forward to reading your contribution! 
Catherine Barnwell, In the Field Editor 
The ACA Communications Committee

Scope and Content: The ACA Monthly Newsletter

What is it? Scope and Content is a news digest, or round-up of news about business, activities, events, initiatives, and calls for participation relevant to the ACA. It is sent directly to ACA members' email inboxes. Its goal is to ensure that readers know what the ACA is up to and have opportunities to plug in.
What do we want from community members?
Send us info (and especially links!) to any news from your committee/group. That might include workshops,  group meet-ups, conference-related news, calls for volunteers, new or completed initiatives, and more! Give us the cliff's notes version and the link to where folks can learn more. Images are also encouraged!

If information needs to be added or changed on the ACA website, please let the Secretariat know or use this form:

What about non-ACA business? If you want to include something about archives/archivists in the news, conferences, initiatives/projects by other groups, etc., please forward those along as well! We will highlight them in the Archival Community News section.

ACA Books and Guides

In addition to the Archivaria journal, ACA has other publications including a variety of books and guidelines related to the archival profession. All publications are available for purchasing.

Following is a full list of ACA publications including:

The Bulletin

In advance of the Annual General Meeting, each year, the ACA publishes online The Bulletin. 

The June 2022 issue of the Bulletin is now available and includes Reports from Directors, Committees, SIS Groups, and Student Chapters, Archivaria General Editor, and the Secretariat.

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