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Strategic Priorities

These strategic priorities represent the ACA’s purpose and the core activities we undertake as an organization.

Advocacy: The ACA shall take leadership on issues of national and international significance relating to archives, recordkeeping and cultural heritage and will work with local and provincial groups on matters impacting regional archives or of concern to specific areas of our membership.

Continuing Education: The ACA shall take leadership on developing and delivering continuing education opportunities that meet the needs of archivists and records professional at all level of their careers. This includes the coordination of our internationally recognized annual conference and production of the top-ranked journal, Archivaria.

Membership Services: The ACA shall strengthen its commitment to members by developing and implementing programming that meets the needs of archives and records professionals at all points in their careers. This includes an active mentorship program, access to a members-only toolkit, and support for member driven special interest sections. In addition, the ACA supports student chapters at five universities across Canada.

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