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Membership Categories

New Members are welcome to join ACA. For benefits of becoming a member, check Membership Benefits page.

There are three membership categories: 

Please read the categories below and fill the appropriate membership form.

Individual Membership

Each Individual member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members. 

Rates for individual membership are based on the individual's salary range as follows:

Individual Membership

Salary Range ($CAD)

Membership Fee 

$ 00, 000 - 9, 9999
  $ 90
$10,000- 24,999 
$25,000- 39,999 
$40,000- 54,900
$55,000- 69,999 
$70,000 and over
Associate  (non-voting, friends category)   $160 

      Student Membership

      ACA offers a one-time discounted 3-year membership for students enrolled full-time in high school, college, or university. Membership includes all the same benefits as an individual membership, including access to e-Archivaria, but does not include print copies of the journal. 

      Please note, proof of student status may be requested to support a student membership application.

        Student Membership

        Membership Fee 

          $ 65 for three years

          Institutional Membership

          Institutional membership is available to institutions that wish to receive the publications of the Association of Canadian Archivists on a regular basis.

          Each institutional member shall notify the executive director regarding the name and contact particulars of its official representative who will act as the single point of contact between the member and the ACA as well as any changes in the name and contact particulars.

          Institutional members are not entitled to receive notice of, attend or vote at any meeting of the members; however the board of directors may extend an invitation to institutions.

          • Institutional Membership Form

          Rates for institutional membership are based on staff compliment of the institution:

          Institutional Membership

          Number of Staff

           Membership Fees
          0-2 staff $ 273
          3-5 staff
          $ 294
          6-20 staff $ 887
          21-50 staff $ 1,742
          51-399 staff $ 2,587
          400 staff and over $ 15,543

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