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The ACA is committed to advocating on behalf of its members on matters affecting archives and records professionals, nationally and internationally.

The ACA shall take leadership on issues of national significance relating to archives, recordkeeping and cultural heritage and will work with local and provincial groups on matters impacting regional archives or of concern to specific areas of our membership.

Internationally, the ACA shall work with the International Council of Archives and other relevant bodies to represent the causes of archivists around the world.

The ACA shall do its utmost to ensure the voice of its members is heard and is committed to creating partnerships to affect change for the benefit of its members and society as a whole.

Submissions and Letters

The ACA frequently writes letters and prepares submissions on behalf of its members. These include official communications on matters that affect the Canadian archives and recordkeeping community, including letters written by the President, special reports, and briefs to Parliament on legislation affecting archives.

Below is a selection of submissions and letters written since 2010.


  • Statement on the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (July 10)
  • Communiqué Canadian Council of Archives, l’Association des archivistes du Québec, Association of Canadian Archivists Canadian Archivists Applaud the INDU report on the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act Ottawa (July 19)


  • Review of "Towards Privacy by Design: Review of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act," letter to Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (Canada) (June)


  • Consultation request of the UBC School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (Jan 24)


  • Musée de la Civilization (letter to M. La Roche) (June 7)
  • City of Winnipeg Archives Building (letter to Candidates of the City of Winnipeg municipal election) (October 23)


  • Parksville Archives (March 24)
  • BC Government Transfer of Records (May 5) 
  • City of Winnipeg Archives Building (May 25)


  • Minister of Canadian Heritage - Budget (February 27)
  • Dr. Guy Berthiaume, New Library and Archivist of Canada (April 14)
  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission on Indian Residential Schools (June 23)
  • Bill C-626 - Act to amend Statistics Act (December 2)


  • Library and Archives Canada Code of Conduct (March 18)
  • LAC Code of Conduct (AAQ-ACA-CHA)
  • Appointment of next Librarian and Archivist of Canada (May 16)
  • NADP Programme (June 19)


  • National Archival Development Program (NADP) Elimination (May 9)
  • Archival positions loss - Library and Archives Canada (May 9)
  • Pan Canadian Documentary Heritage Network Forum - Library and Archives Canada (March 31)
  • Georgia State Archives (September 16)
  • Canada's 150th (October 19)
  • Pan Canadian Documentary Heritage Network Forum (December 12)


  • Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security in Budapest (February 24)
  • Position on the 2011 Census (March)
  • Bill C-19 - Long gun registry (November 8)


  • Letter to the Editor - Catholic Church Reluctant to Release Residential Schools Records (April 6)
  • Elimination of long form census (July 12)
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