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Public Awareness & Advocacy Committee

The Public Awareness & Advocacy Committee (PAAC) includes members with specific expertise and interest in issues relevant to the records and archives profession. The Committee monitors changes to legislation (both national and international) which may impact archivists and records professionals in Canada, and responds to requests for advocacy from Individual and Institutional Members, as well as, issues arising with national and international scope. This Committee also actively seeks to increase and promote the public profile and value of archives and archivists to Canadian institutions, communities and society through the development and facilitation of ACA programming initiatives. 

Public Awareness 

PAAC works to raise awareness in the general public of the importance of archives and the important work of archivists. PAAC is currently establishing an ACA public awareness program, and cooperating with the Communications Committee to ensure its broad dissemination. 

PAAC also monitors national and international public awareness campaigns, advocacy strategies, and outreach programming undertaken by the archives and heritage sector for potential partnerships and/or ACA participation.  

Lastly, PAAC has compiled resources and toolkits from other archival organizations on public awareness and advocacy that archivists can reference and engage in their own institutions. 

What is an archive? 

Awareness and Advocacy Resource List


The ACA is committed to advocating on behalf of its members on matters affecting archives and records professionals, nationally and internationally. 
The ACA shall take leadership on issues of national significance relating to archives, recordkeeping and cultural heritage and will work with local and provincial groups on matters impacting regional archives or of concern to specific areas of our membership. 

Internationally, the ACA shall work with the International Council of Archives and other relevant bodies to represent the causes of archivists around the world. 

The ACA shall do its utmost to ensure the voice of its members is heard and is committed to creating partnerships to affect change for the benefit of its members and society as a whole. 

Use our form to submit your public awareness and advocacy issue 

See previous advocacy letters.   

Committee Members (2024)

Robert McLelland, Co-Chair    
Rene Georgopalis, Co-Chair    

Sarah Hanahem   

Nancy Marrelli    

Andrea Tarnawsky

Emily Larson

Cheuk Kit Chung

Erica Hernandez-Read, Board Liaison

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