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Public Awareness & Advocacy Committee

  • This committee is currently in search of a new chair and committee members. The president serves as the board liaison.

The Advocacy Committee is chaired by the President of the Board and includes members with specific expertise in issues relevant to the records and archives profession. The Committee responds to requests for advocacy from Individual and Institutional Members, as well as issues arising with national and international scope. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Changes to national and international intellectual property law or policy (e.g., copyright)
  • Changes to or issues arising from national and international information and privacy law or policy (e.g., freedom of information, access to information, protection of privacy)
  • Issues facing the archives and recordkeeping workforce (e.g., precarious employment, salary, competencies, vicarious or secondary trauma)
  • Collections or archives at risk (e.g., due to lack of funding, displacement due to conflict or forced migration, preservation concerns)

In addition, members of the Advocacy Committee may be called upon to speak on behalf of archives and records professionals for public commissions, legal processes, and other national and international research and advisory initiatives relevant to archives, recordkeeping and cultural heritage. 

For more information about ACA's advocacy initiatives, see the list of letters and submissions.

To raise an advocacy issue, contact Erica Heranandez-Read, ACA President or submit this form that will be directed to the committee:

Committee Members, 2023

Robert McLelland, Co-Chair    
Rene Georgopalis, Co-Chair    
Claire Malek    
Sarah Hanahem    
Nancy Marrelli
Jane Campbell    
Andrea Tarnawsky

Erica Hernandez-Read, Board Liaison

Advocacy Committee


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Committee Members:

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Advocacy Committee




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