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20/20 Vision

Seeing Archives Differently

Virtual Conference 

June 11 - 12, 2020

Conference planning continues as the ACA works transition sessions to an interactive online format that will take place on Thursday June 11th and Friday June 12th.

We will announce the revised program in the coming weeks as we work with presenters, plenary speakers and invited guests.  The Education Committee is also working on transitioning workshops to online formats that may be accessed before and after the conference.

A new event will be launched shortly and registration will open as we continue to work out the details of the planned activities.

 Program Team
 Host Team
 Emily Lonie, Chair
 Alan Doyle, Chair
 Melissa Adams Arika Kaneko
 Alexandra Alisauskas
 Cindy McLellan
 Grant Hurley (Former Committee Member)
 Graeme Neidtner
 Emily MacDonald Max Otte
 Amanda Oliver (Education Committee Liaison)

 Jamie Sanford

 Emily Sommers
 Bronwyn Smyth
 Tim Walsh
 Claire Williams

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