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The Conference Planning Committee: Objectives & Responsibilities

Given the significance of the ACA annual conference, the Board has established a Conference Planning Committee (CPC), whose primary objective is to develop preliminary plans for the annual conferences of the Association of Canadian Archivists 2-3 years ahead of the conference dates.

The Conference Program Team and Host Team structures will remain in place; however, the Chairs of these Teams will now report to the Conference Planning Committee.

The Conference Planning Committee’s responsibilities include:  

  • With membership input, determine the physical location of in-person conferences which attempts to represent the entirety of the ACA’s Canadian membership base;

  • With membership input, determine the anchor location for the ACA’s virtual conferences which, in accordance with the ACA’s Equity Commitments, will occur every second year; 

  • With membership input, determine the theme for annual conferences which best reflects the interests of membership and the communities in which the conference will take place; 

  • Submit a call for volunteers to serve on the Conference Program and Host Teams for the annual conferences, 1-2 years in advance of the conference date;  

  • Update membership on conference planning progress and create conference announcements to generate interest;   

  • Provide the Board with a list of Indigenous communities on whose territories the conference may take place 2-3 years in advance of a conference;  

  • Coordinate regular meetings with both the Conference Program and Host Team Chairs to ensure plans are proceeding on schedule and to assist in troubleshooting when required.  

Committee Members

Erica Hernández-Read, President

Anna Gibson Hollow, Vice-President

Kyle Pugh, Treasurer

Scott Evans

Angela Fornelli

Jennifer Mohan

Lara Wilson

If you are interested in being part of this committee, please complete your volunteer form:

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