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The Conference Planning Committee: Objectives & Responsibilities

Given the significance of the ACA annual conference, the Board has established a Conference Planning Committee (CPC), whose primary objective is to develop preliminary plans for the annual conferences of the Association of Canadian Archivists 2-3 years ahead of the conference dates.

The Conference Program Team and Host Team structures will remain in place; however, the Chairs of these Teams will now report to the Conference Planning Committee.

The Conference Planning Committee’s responsibilities include:  

  • With membership input, determine the physical location of in-person conferences which attempts to represent the entirety of the ACA’s Canadian membership base;

  • With membership input, determine the anchor location for the ACA’s virtual conferences which, in accordance with the ACA’s Equity Commitments, will occur every second year; 

  • With membership input, determine the theme for annual conferences which best reflects the interests of membership and the communities in which the conference will take place; 

  • Submit a call for volunteers to serve on the Conference Program and Host Teams for the annual conferences, 1-2 years in advance of the conference date;  

  • Update membership on conference planning progress and create conference announcements to generate interest;   

  • Provide the Board with a list of Indigenous communities on whose territories the conference may take place 2-3 years in advance of a conference;  

  • Coordinate regular meetings with both the Conference Program and Host Team Chairs to ensure plans are proceeding on schedule and to assist in troubleshooting when required.  

Call for CPC Volunteers! 

If you would like to put your previous conference planning experience to good use, or if you would like to gain such experience, we would love to have you volunteer for the CPC! Please fill out an ACA Volunteer form and we will be in touch with you shortly! 

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