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Institutional Membership Working Group


To examine the Association’s institutional membership category and recommend any changes to the board.


The working group’s examination of the membership category includes but is not limited to the following:

•Profile current, lapsed, and prospective institutional members

•Analyze the current benefits for institutional members, including the uptake on those benefits, whether they meet their needs, and what are projected future needs

•Analyze the current financial contributions of institutional members, including the fee structure

•Examine take-up of institutional member benefits for employees vs. individual membership take-up, including individual fees

•Examine the effect of bylaw changes (anticipated approval in mid-2020) on institutional membership

The working group will conduct any surveying of members as deemed necessary during 2020 with interim reporting to the Board no later than 31 Dec. 2020. The working group will develop a high-level communications plan regarding its recommendations.

Working Group Members

Jane Morrison, Secretary, Chair (Membership Committee Board liaison)

Jennifer Mohan, Finance Committee member / liaison

John Roberts

David Mawhinney

Anna Gibson Hollow

Kira Baker, Chair Membership Committee

The IMWG initiated a survey in the fall of 2020 and looking for additional responses.  Thank you to those who have had an opportunity to complete this survey during what has been a challenging time for many institutions and members.

The survey will be open until March 5, 2021.

If you prefer to share your ideas during a facilitated discussion, consider attending the Institutional Membership Working Group Town Hall.  Those who have already completed the survey are welcome to attend as well.

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