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Mentorship Program Survey

Thank you very much to the mentors and mentees who submitted feedback in the Membership Committee's 2020 Mentorship Program survey. We received 34 responses in total: 20 mentors, 12 mentees, and 2 who had been a mentee and later became a mentor. Sixty-five percent of respondents said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the Program; fifteen percent were not satisfied at all. However, despite some participants having an unsatisfactory experience, all but three said they would recommend the Program. 

Here are some of the comments we received:

"I think this is a great program and wish that it had existed when I was a student." - Mentor 

"I enjoyed having someone to talk to who understands this career path I am embarking on and who showed genuine interest in what I am up to." - Mentee   

"It was interesting to meet someone else in the profession and to learn about their concerns and interests." - Mentor 

"I liked being able to hear different experiences and know what tangible projects archivists have been involved in." - Mentee 

"I enjoyed the idea of helping a new student navigate the profession and provide them with whatever benefit my past experiences offered." - Mentor 

"My mentor ended up being someone I could bounce ideas off of or just talk about what was going on for me academically or professionally or issues happening in the wider archival community." - Mentee

Based on the survey responses, the Mentorship Program working group will be implementing immediate and future changes to the Mentorship Program. Those changes include being more consistent with the yearly sign-up date; setting clearer expectations for the mentor-mentee relationship; using multiple platforms to raise the profile of the Program and recruit more participants, especially mentors; and creating opportunities for increased connection. 

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