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  • Indigenizing Archives and Recordkeeping: SAAKIPAKAAWI-PIISIM

Indigenizing Archives and Recordkeeping: SAAKIPAKAAWI-PIISIM

29 Jun 2020 7:07 PM | Anonymous

It’s time for another email full of links to news articles, blog posts, videos, and podcasts to pertaining to Indigenous people, cultures, and issues. 

For the year ahead, we’ll be connecting these emails with the Moose Cree lunar-based calendar; the month of June aligns with Saakipakaawi-piisim (Budding Moon), a time of year when the flowers are budding or blooming.

These links have been collected and are graciously provided by Alison Little, Senior Coordinator of Educational Programming and Exhibitions at the Archives of Ontario. 

The list is provided for reference only and the ACA does not guarantee the accuracy or comprehensiveness of each resource, nor endorse a particular perspective. Our aim is only to provide opportunities for our members to learn more about Indigenous peoples and colonial issues.  

Archiving and Language Documentation panel discussion (upcoming on July 11)

Victoria museum releases more than 16,000 historical images of Indigenous life (June 17)

Review of monuments sparks discussion of colonial narratives in N.L. history (June 16)

#BLACKLIVESMATTER and Archives in Australia (June 17)

Fishing with Elders builds these children’s Oji-Cree language, cultural knowledge and writing (June 15)

We Can Decide Where to Stand: Advocating for Aboriginal Priorities as Archivists and Information Workers(June 15)

Former Fort Smith Métis president says day school settlement forms 'misleading' (June 15)

Provincial police watchdog to start collecting race-based data (June 11)

Former employees of Canadian Museum for Human Rights say they faced racism, mistreatment (June 10)

Museum makes historic Indian Reserve Commission document accessible to public (June 10)

Indigenous Recordkeeping and Archives (June 8)

Black Lives Matter translation prompts calls for changes to Ojibway language (June 5)

Red Sky Performance offers wisdom, insight, and humour to inaugural session of the Wisdom Keeper Series (June 4)

Treaty session explores realities of the histories of Canada and Nation-to-Nation (June 3)

To Breathe Together: Co-Conspirators For Decolonial Futures (June 2)

Knowledge positions in Aotearoa and Turtle Island art museums (June 1)

Covid-19, the Numbered Treaties & the Politics of Life (June)

Ottawa’s move to block statistical reports on residential schools ‘modern day colonialism,’ says survivor.” (May 27)

Challenging Colonial Spaces: Reconciliation and Decolonizing Work in Canadian Archives (May 24)

The Records of Native American Boarding Schools from Archival Outlook (May/June 2020)

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