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  • Records Management Consultant, Request for Proposals CRKN Deadline: September 30, 2020

Records Management Consultant, Request for Proposals CRKN Deadline: September 30, 2020

24 Sep 2020 10:37 AM | Anonymous

Records Management Consultant, Request for Proposals 

Canadian Research Knowledge Network

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) is inviting proposals for a records management consultant to review its existing information management practices and to develop a records management process and implementation plan which incorporates best practices. The project would encompass CRKN’s corporate records (board and committee documents, license agreements and contracts, policies and procedures, employee and payroll records, financial records, email and email archives, and project files). While the majority of CRKN’s records are electronic and predominantly in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and PDF formats, there is a small assortment of paper documents, historical and ancillary records to be considered at both of CRKN’s Ottawa offices. CRKN employs a variety of file storage and collaboration tools. The successful proponent will make recommendations on best practice for storage and retention of active and final documents and files.

In 2018, CRKN merged with to create a combined organization that expanded strategic opportunities and broadened our stakeholder community. As a result of the combination, CRKN houses the corporate records of The consultant will review and make recommendations on maintenance and/or disposal of those historical corporate documents.

CRKN staff will work collaboratively with the selected consultant in the planning, engagement, and analysis, and will look to the consultant for input and feedback to ensure a successful outcome. The selected consultant will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with CRKN prior to undertaking the project.

Scope of Work
• In collaboration with the CRKN management team and with CRKN staff as appropriate, review CRKN’s existing information management practices. Management will provide a high-level introduction to the vital records the organization possesses, their current and long-term utility, and identified records management pain points.
• Identify where sensitive current and historic corporate records are being maintained (access-restricted Windows servers, email servers, OneDrive/SharePoint, Google Docs and individual user files). Recommend a best practice which CRKN staff should implement for maintaining sensitive corporate records.
• CRKN uses several collaboration tools including Slack, Trello, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Google Docs, and GoToMeeting. Recommend best practices for utilizing (or not) these tools and understanding the implications of AI services (such as the automatic transcription of meetings recorded on GoToMeeting).
• Identify key documents, publications and artefacts that should be safely archived in order that future historians, library, information and archive researchers and other interested parties can carry out research on the development of CRKN, including (i.e. its history, structure and functions).
• Review CRKN’s existing records storage and access management practices to ensure records are protected from damage, loss, or unauthorized access.


  • A records management guide for CRKN based on best practices and organizational needs, including:
  • A simplified, consolidated framework and directory structure, to support staff in a records migration plan for existing CRKN records
  • A lightweight, flexible approach to naming, sorting, storing, versioning and retaining documents that builds on this framework
  • A ranked and prioritized list of potential improvements to enhance the discoverability and management of CRKN’s information assets
  • A document retention schedule that describes main document types generated with anticipated life span and associated practices for archiving and/or removal, considering appropriate legal, financial, and business requirements
  • A proposal for a records management and enterprise information security policy for CRKN which supports the guide and document retention schedule. In particular, the policy should provide guidelines on the storage and retention of any personally identifiable information entrusted to CRKN.
  • A document outlining which publications, documents and artefacts should be permanently retained for future researchers wishing to study CRKN’s evolution
  • An implementation plan for CRKN staff to guide the implementation of the recommendation

Out of Scope
  • CRKN maintains a Trustworthy Digital Repository and an associated access and preservation platform for Canadian digital heritage content.
  • The data contained within those systems and the associated policies and practices are out of scope for this project.
  • The actual implementation of the recommendations is out of scope for this project.

• Early October 2020: CRKN selects a consultant

• October 2020:

  • Initial meeting with management team, schedule additional calls with managers or other staff as appropriate, and inventory and analyze CRKN information resources
  • Draft framework, validate and finalize recommendations

• November 30, 2020: Submit all items listed under “deliverables”
Selection Criteria

CRKN hopes to engage an experienced Records Management Consultant with expertise in the not-for-profit space. Primary selection criteria include:
• Experience making records management recommendations that can be applied across all of CRKN’s existing systems (e.g. Windows Server, Office 365, G Suite)
• References from comparable Canadian organizations
• Project vision and fit with CRKN
• Timeline and budget considerations

Submitting Your Proposal
To be considered for this opportunity, please submit a proposal which includes:

• A cover letter with a brief description of the consultant’s work experience and expertise as it relates to the opportunity
• A summary of records management projects with links to associated clients (where applicable)
• A list of two references from organizations for which the consultant has provided records management or similar services previously
• A list of key personnel who will be involved in the project and brief descriptions of their experience and expertise
• A draft, proposed work plan that includes a timeline, description of activities, and estimates of hours to be worked and in-person vs. virtual effort required. A schedule of costs, including an hourly rate or retainer for follow-on questions and support after delivery of the final report.
Interested consultants are invited to submit clarifying questions by email to aid in the development of their proposal. CRKN commits to a 24-hour response time during business hours for questions.

Please submit questions and final proposals by email to Ken Blonski (, Director of Operations, by 5 pm E.T. on September 30, 2020.

Shortlisted consultants may be invited to present to management the week of October 5, 2020.

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