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Speaker Commitment Form

Thank you for your participation as a speaker at the 2019 ACA Conference in Toronto at the Chelsea Hotel.  Please complete the entries below for submission to the Program Committee on or before the 8th of February 2019.


Please insert the session number provided to you by your Program Committee liaison.
Please enter the working title of your session. Please note that long titles will be edited for presentation in the Conference-at-a-Glance and on the session selection screen for online registration.
Please enter the title of your paper. Your paper title appears in the Conference Program, but does not appear in the Conference-at-a-Glance.
Please enter your name as it should appear in the Conference Program and at-a-Glance.
Please enter the name of your institution, organization or affiliation. This information will appear in the Conference Program, Conference-at-a-Glance and any digital program.
Please enter your e-mail address; a copy of this submission will be returned to this address.
Please enter the best number where you can be reached.
Please enter your fax number, if available.
Please identify your Program Team contact from the list.
Please enter a brief description (max 25 words) or your presentation; this text will be used in the Conference Program and the Conference-at-a-Glance.
Please enter a brief biographical summary of your professional qualifications and experience (approx 50 words).
Please identify your commitment to attend ACA 2019 in Toronto, ON. I understand that there is no fee if I only attend my own session, while registration (single day or conference) is required for me to attend other sessions, lunch and some social activities.
Each session room is equipped with a podium, microphone & speakers. Screen, PC & digital projector to present PowerPoint, Keynote or .pdf can be requested. Any other AV requirements must be confirmed with your session shepherd / Program Team liaison.
As an initiative, the ACA wishes to record the plenary sessions and a number of concurrent session presentations. Facebook Live, YouTube and/or a podcast technology may be used. Please indicate your desire to participate in this initiative.
Please indicate your interest in sharing your presentation &/or paper with delegates as well as ACA members who were not able to attend the conference. This permission may be retracted in the case that your paper is selected as a journal article.