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Mentorship Program

The Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) is pleased to be able to offer a mentorship program for new archivists and archival studies students who are ACA members! The program is run by the volunteer of the Membership Development Committee.

The goal of the ACA mentoring program is to facilitate the integration of new archivists into the Canadian archival community by matching them with mentors who may advise and guide them on work and career management issues.

Mentee Orientation

Mentor Orientation


Any ACA member who is a student of archival studies, recent graduate of archival studies, or has recently entered the archival profession, is invited to sign up for a mentor from the Canadian archival community. Archivists, who are members of the ACA, and who have been active in the profession for at least five years, are encouraged to apply to mentor a student or new archivist. 


Applications for the 2018 program are open through the Fall 2017, with links to the online application forms:

Matches are communicated to participants in late January.  The availability of matches depends on the number of volunteers.  Participants are expected to commit for one year.  


Program participants are invited to attend the Conference Orientation at the annual ACA conference.

Participants’ testimonials

Since its inception in 2003, the program has been very popular. Some of the responses of the participants mentors and mentored alike, are noteworthy:

“I managed to do volunteer work with my mentor which helped me to build my confidence and apply what I’d learned.” – mentee

“I have been telling my classmates who didn’t sign up for the program that they missed a good opportunity.” – mentee

“I wish I had this program when I first started working in archives.” – mentor

“This has been a really positive experience – my mentor and I have been in contact several times, and I am very comfortable approaching him with questions, and asking for advice.” – mentee

More information

Any questions about the mentorship program, guidelines, or applications may be directed to the Membership Committee at