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The ACA activities are supported by a number of committees, all of which are staffed by volunteers who perform various roles as committee members.

ACA Committees comprise a minimum of five (5) members to a maximum of eight (8). Committee volunteers are ACA members in good standing with an up to date individual membership.


List of Committees



Name Chair
Advocacy Committee Luciana Duranti
Award Committee Heather Dean
Education Committee Glenn Dingwall
Ethics Committee Jim Suderman
Governance Committee Rebecka Sheffield
Membership Committee

Shamin Malmas

Outreach Committee Sean Hayes


ACA Representatives - External organizations

Committee Representative
CCA Archival Description Vacant
Canadian Commission for UNESCO Vacant
CGSB Standards Division & CGSB Committee on Electronic Records & Image Management Grant Hurley


Student Chapters

A Student Chapter is defined under the ACA By-Laws as "a forum for discussion among student members, to attract and integrate new student members into the ACA, and to encourage student involvement in the ACA."

Any group of five or more ACA student members may, upon presentation of a letter of statement of intent signed by its members and by a faculty advisor, petition the Board for recognition as a Student Chapter. Upon approval, membership is open to student members of ACA. The first ACA Student Chapters were established in 2004.

For more information regarding procedures and guidelines to become and maintain student chapter status please read the About Student Chapters information sheet.

Please visit the Student Chapter pages for more information about each Chapter.


Special Interest Sections

A Special Interest Section (SIS) is defined under the ACA By-Law as "a forum for discussion for members of similar interests, to attract and integrate new members of the same interest into the ACA, and to advocate the advancement of archives in these special interest areas."

Any group of seven or more members with similar professional interests may, upon presentation of a statement of goals and objectives, petition the ACA Board of Directors for recognition. Upon approval, membership is open to all members of the Association.

For more information about the individual Special Interest Sections please read the Special Interest Section information sheet.

  • Aboriginal Archives (SISAA)
  • Access and Privacy (APSIS)
  • Accessibility (ASIS)
  • Archives of Religious Organizations (SISARO)
  • Government Records (GRSIS)
  • Municipal Archives (MASIS)
  • Personal Archives (SISPA)
  • Sound and Moving Images SIS (SMISIS)
  • Technology and Archives (TASIS)
  • University and College Archives (UCASIS)


Task Forces

Task Force Chair
Strategic Planning Rebecka Sheffield