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ACA Toronto 2019, Archival Origins


ACA Toronto 2019, June 6th to June 8th

In June 2019, let’s talk about origins:  origins of the profession, origins of the theories and practices we follow, but also the origins of records themselves.  Bringing a new record into the world creates a manifestation that encodes responsibility – on the part of the creator as well as the archivist/records manager.  We need to ensure that at the moments they are created and shared, records are endowed with the qualities essential to their survival.  
The Program Team is currently building the conference program and it will be ready soon in the at-a-glance format.
Questions?   Send a message to the ACA Program Chair or to any of the members of the Program Team:

Susan Hart (Chair)

Amanda Oliver (Education Committee Liaison)

Grant Hurley

Harkaran Bajwa

Jill Teasley

John Lund

Regina Landwehr