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About ACA

Established in 1975 and incorporated in 1978, the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA) is a national association representing over 600 archivists in Canada and is continued under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (CNCA), an act which provides the legal framework for the operations of any federally-incorporated not-for-profit corporation. The ACA completed the continuance process in 2013.

Originally articulated in the letters patent issued at the time of the Association’s incorporation, the mandate of the Association are defined in the Articles of Continuance, along with the minimum and maximum number of directors. For additional details about the Canada Not-for-Profit regulations under which the Association operates, visit the Industry Canada website.

Approved by the ACA membership and the Minister of Industry in 2013, General Bylaw No.2 provides specific details about the governance of the Association including rules and information about:

  • The Association’s fiscal year, its corporate seal, banking, signing authorities, and annual financial statements (Section 2)
  • Membership categories and the establishment of member dues (Section 3)
  • Meetings of members, including notices, quorum and voting (Section 4)
  • The Board of Directors, including notice, quorum and voting at meetings as well as descriptions of the role of each Director (Sections 5, 6 and 7)
  • The Executive Director and appointed officials, such as the editor of Archivaria (Section 7)
  • The Governance Committee and other ACA committees (Section 8)
  • The ACA Special Interest Sections and Student Chapters (Sections 9 and 10)
  • The limitation of liability and indemnification of the Board (Section 11)
  • The approved Rules of Order (Section 12), and
  • The process of providing notices (Section 13)

The final component of governance within the ACA is the policies approved by its Board of Directors. Working within the framework of the CNCA, the ACA’s letters patent, articles of continuance, and Section 1.03 of General Bylaw #2, provide direction to the Board regarding specific issues encountered by the ACA not addressed elsewhere.

Our Logo

ACA Logo

The ACA launched the present logo in September 2002. We hope you will interpret it as we do: a path of knowledge leading to an examination of Canadian identity and culture (the maple leaf under the magnifying glass concept) and also a subtle question mark forming the frame of the magnifying glass which portrays a quest for knowledge and the ability to find the answers.

Timeline and History

Here is a brief timeline and history of ACA events and milestones.