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ACA Strategic Plan: Moving Forward Together, 2018-2021

The ACA Strategic Planning Task Force is pleased to present its recommendations for prioritizing Association planning for the next three years (2018-2021).

Moving Forward Together is the culmination of a 10-month series of stakeholders engagements, planning sessions and field research. In all, we have collected feedback from over 200 ACA members, both individual and institutional, through one-on-one interviews, a member survey and e-panel focus groups. The Task Force has met twice in person with facilitation assistance from The Portage Group's Senior Consultant, Carol-Anne Moutinho, and has continued its work online across geographies.

Our stakeholder and field research indicates that the archives and records profession is changing. As the profession continues to diversify and grow, the ACA must also adapt and respond to member needs. The Association's foundation appears to be largely in place. The annual conference is recognized internationally, as is the A+ ranked journal, Archivaria. Members are also proud to belong to the ACA and want to see the organization succeed; however, they have clearly articulated a need for improvement across several areas of the organization.

Effective communication was consistently identified by members as a significant area for improvement. Members want to receive more information about the ACA's advocacy work and regular updates on its operations and financial health. The ACA also has an opportunity to offer more relevant professional development programs for a diverse and dynamic membership at all points of their career and to promote the archives and records profession as a key contributor to society in the eyes of the public, government and allied sectors.

In response to member input, the ACA has produced an ambitious three-year strategic plan to improve the association’s programs and services, including its own operating performance. Looking forward to 2021, we see the ACA as a nimble, member-driven association that provides a must-have suite of benefits to its Individual and Institutional Members. We invite you to review the full plan and/or the summary presentation below:

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