Workshops & Institutes


Each year in conjunction with the Annual Conference, ACA Professional Learning Committee coordinates one or more workshops which will be of interest both to archivists located in the region hosting the conference as well as to many individuals planning to attend the conference. These workshops offer intermediate to advanced information on a variety of topics, set with 1/2 day, full day and 2-day time periods, immediately prior or following the conference sessions.

2016 Workshops:  ACA's Professional Learning Committee is offering a workshop titled "Modern Information Carriers & Digital Preservation", presented by the Canadian Conservation Institute. This 1-day workshop takes place at Carleton University in Ottawa, March 4, 2016.  Topics covered include the structure, composition and format of various types of modern information recording media…deterioration, longevity and appropriate storage and handling recommendations.”  Click for a detailed description or to register, view the Registration Form.   

In conjunction with the 2016 ACA Conference in Montreal, QC, ACA is offering a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.   To register, you may either use the online conference registration or complete the PDF workshop registration form.  

  • Enhanced Internal Monetary Appraisal / Optimisation de l'évaluation monétaire à l'interne 

Location: Room 106, School of Information Studies, 3661 Peel Street, McGill University

Presenters: Sophie Morel (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec), Hélène Fortier (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) & Chris Sanagan (Archives of Ontario).


This one-day bilingual workshop will deliver training in how to conduct monetary appraisals in-house beyond the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) current threshold of $1,000.00. The workshop will provide an overview of the Canadian archival monetary appraisal system, methodology, research and tools, which participants will then apply during a hands-on appraisal session. The workshop will be presented in both English and French and all workshop materials will be bilingual.  

Cet atelier d'un jour propose une formation qui permettra aux participants de mener une évaluation monétaire à l’interne au-delà du seuil recommandé de 1000 $ établi par l'Agence de revenu du Canada (ARC). L'atelier inclura un tour d’horizon du système canadien d'évaluation monétaire, de la méthodologie, de la recherche et des outils. Une séance d'évaluation pratique est prévue. Cet atelier sera présenté en anglais et en français. La documentation sera disponible dans les deux langues.  

ACA Institute

The ACA Institute offers advanced level information, over a 2 or 3-day time period. An Institute on Digital Preservation Management was offered, September 25-28, 2012, in Montreal at McGill University in partnership with the McGill School of Information Studies. The following table identifies the themes, leaders and locations of previous ACA Institutes.

2012 Digital Preservation Management Nancy McGovern
Kari Smith
Carolyn Hank
Montreal, QC
2010 Institute on Personal Archives Catherine Hobbs
Sally Newman
Laura Carroll
Toronto, ON
2009 Institute was not offered    
2008 Institute was not offered    
2007 Why do they do that?: Understanding Our users Wendy Duff
Jackie Spence
Ian Anderson
Andrea Johnson
Kingston, ON
2006 Archives in the Wake of Hugh Taylor: Shaping Archival Programmes for the 21st Century Terry Cook
Tom Nesmith
St. John’s, NL
2005 Institute was not offered    
2004 Monetary Appraisal of Archival Records Marcel Caya
Ellwood Jones
Carman Carroll
Montreal, QC
2003 Archives in Society and Society in Archives Richard Cox
Michael Eamon
Miriam McTiernan
Terry Cook
Toronto, ON
2002 Approaches to the Preservation of Electronic Records Wendy Duff
Anne Van Camp
Hans Hofman
Vancouver, BC
2002 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
Toronto, ON
2001 Modern Archives and the Australian Experience Chris Hurley
Sue McKemmish
Winnipeg, MB
2000 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
Edmonton, AB
1999 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
London, ON

Documents from previous Institutes are available on the ACA Members web site. Non-members interested in a previous event are encouraged to contact the Chair, Professional Learning Committee.

Forthcoming institutes are planned and scheduled by the ACA Professional Learning Committee. Any suggestions or requests for a specific topic or proposals for delivery on a specific theme should be forwarded to the Chair, Professional Learning Committee.