Welcome to a new year with ACA

Hello all,

In December Loryl MacDonald sent out her final message as President of ACA to summarize in brilliant fashion what the Board had been up to in 2014. In my first Presidential message, I'd like to thank both Loryl and also Scott Goodine, Director at Large, for their superb leadership over the past several years as they depart the Board. ACA is in a strong place as we move into 2015, and we have exciting work up our collective sleeves.

Here's a synopsis of what we have in store this year.

The Board for 2015 consists of:
  * President: Kathryn Harvey (U of Guelph)
  * Vice-President: Michael Gourlie (Provincial Archives of Alberta)
  * Treasurer: Jennifer Roberts (Yukon Archives)
  * Secretary: Karen Buckley (U of Calgary)
  * Director-at-Large: Heather Beattie (Hudson's Bay Company Archives)
  * Director-at-Large: Ian Burnett (Yukon Archives)

Amongst the activities occupying our focus are a financial review of the association; contributing to discussions as part of Library and Archives Canada's Stakeholder's Forum; participating alongside Library and Archives Canada, Association des archivistes du Quebéc, Canadian Council of Archives, and Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists in the Canadian Archival System Working Group (the final report from this group will be presented at various stakeholder conferences, including at ACA in June); as well as engaging in advocacy opportunities as issues arise.

We have a number of active committees, and they have agreed to share some of their goals for the upcoming year. I'd like to name individually all those who volunteer, but as you can see from the Leadership Team list, we're some 70+ strong!

*Conference Planning*
The *Host Team* chaired by Jeremy Mohr (Saskatchewan Archives Board) has some great prairie hospitality planned. The *Program Team* chaired by Susan McClure (Halifax Regional Municipality Archives) has put together a stimulating series of plenaries and session presentations.  Kicking us off--we hope not literally--is an opening keynote by murder mystery writer Gail Bowen: An archivist was murdered in a Bowen mystery novel… and Bowen has left clues in the U of R Archives… Is it safe to come to Regina?

The *Communications Committee* chaired by Amanda Tomé (U of New Brunswick) will work on conveying the behind the scenes activities of the board, committees, and Special Interest Sections through updates to Arcan-l, social media, and the Bulletin (now in blog form). It will also ramp up efforts to highlight the work of archivists across the country.

The *Governance Committee* chaired by Michael Gourlie will complete its review of existing policies and start identifying new policies required for the ACA. In that vein, we have just posted a new Code of Conduct.

The *Membership Committee* chaired by Jordan Bass (U of Manitoba) has several initiatives underway including soliciting more and better prizes for the membership renewal and gathering member testimonials (if anyone has ideas please let the committee know!) as well as developing more comprehensive mentorship guidelines.

The *Outreach Committee* chaired by Sara Janes (City of Thunder Bay Archives) will be producing a set of sample job descriptions that will be available for anyone who is hiring an archivist. The Committee maintains the events calendar and consultant directory and is continuing work on the Outreach Toolkit. Lindsay Osmun (CIBC Archives) will be taking over as Outreach Chair this spring.

The *Professional Learning Committee* chaired by Patti Harper (Carleton U) is planning some exciting workshops for the upcoming Annual Conference in Regina, so stay tuned. It is also exploring the possibility of holding an Institute in later summer or early fall.

The *Online Education Committee* chaired by Cheryl Avery (U of Saskatchewan) will begin work on “Applying archival functions to electronic records: appraisal, acquisition, accessioning, and description.”  They are currently looking for experts who would be willing to present all or parts of this course, which they anticipate will be divided into several sessions. If you're interested or know someone who might be please get in touch.

So that, in a very large nutshell, is what ACA has planned for this year. We hope you will join us in Regina this summer to check in and see where things stand as of mid-year!


Kathryn Harvey
President, Association of Canadian Archivists, and

Head, Archival and Special Collections
University of Guelph Library
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, ON  N1G 2W1