Technology and Archives Special Interest Section

The Technology and Archives Special Interest Section or TaASIS provides a forum for ACA members to discuss and act upon a wide variety of issues relating the intersection of archives, electronic records, and the digital world.

The Archives and Technology Unconference (TAATU) is organized by TaASIS each year as a full day pre-ACA Conference event; anyone interested in technology and archives is welcome to participate. TAATU is participant-driven and provides a forum for networking, collaboration, sharing, and innovation.

TaASIS succeeds the Special Interest Section on Electronic Records (SISER).  SISER memberships will be automatically transferred to TaASIS.  The renaming of TaASIS reflects the growing technology interests and needs of archivists.

If you would like to take part in TaASIS, please update your membership profile on the ACA website.  The SIS Chair is Cindy McLellan.