Professional Development

Helping members learn and connect

The ACA is committed to the ongoing professional development of its members. Members continually point to these rich opportunities to learn and connect as among the most valuable programs and services we offer.

Highlights of our professional development offerings include the following events and programs:

ACA Annual Conference: The Annual Conference of the ACA brings together leading Canadian as well as international archivists for a 3-day program of high level presentations and discussions, as well as unrivalled networking opportunities.

ACA Workshops: Each year, as part of the Annual Conference, the ACA’s Professional Learning Committee coordinates workshops designed for both archivists in the region hosting the conference as well as the many individuals travelling to attend the conference. The ACA Workshops offer learning for intermediate and advanced-level archivists and cover a wide range of relevant and timely topics. Workshops vary in duration, from one-half day to two days, and are typically offered immediately prior to, or following the Annual Conference.

ACA Institute: The ACA Institute offers a more intense learning experience, featuring topics and curriculum designed for archivists at a more advanced level. Institute sessions typically last two to three days and feature topics suggested by members – your assurance that the information will be relevant. Past topics have included:

  • Understanding Our Users
  • Monetary Appraisal of Archival Records
  • Preservation of Electronic Records
  • Archival Appraisal

If you have a topic to suggest for a future session of the ACA Institute, please contact the ACA Office.

Documents from previous sessions of the ACA Institute are available exclusively to members on the Members section of this website. If you are not currently a member but are interested in content from a previous session, please contact the ACA Office.

Special Interest Sections: Special Interest Sections recognize the increasing diversity and specialization within the profession. Sections provide a forum for discussion among members who share specific professional interests or members who are committed to advocacy around specific causes. To learn more about these Sections, the topics and causes covered by current Special Interest Sections and to get involved, click on the Special Interest Sections link in the menu on this page.

ACA Student Chapters: Student chapters are a great way for students in related disciplines to get involved, share learning experiences and connect with their future profession. In addition to the existing student chapters at the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto and McGill University, we welcome other Canadian colleges and universities with programs related to archiving to apply and form their own student chapters. If you would like to apply to create a student chapter on your campus, please contact the ACA Director at Large.

ACA Mentorship Program: The ACA Mentoring Program helps new archivists connect with and integrate into the Canadian archival community. Through the program, the ACA matches students and recent graduates of archival studies programs, as well as others who have recently entered the profession, with mentors who can advise and guide these new entrants with their work and career.