Policies, Codes and Procedures

Under Section 1.03 of the Association's Bylaw, the Board of Directors “may prescribe by resolution such policies, rules and procedures not inconsistent with the bylaws relating to the management and operation of the Corporation and other matters provided for in this bylaw as they may deem expedient.”

Working within the framework provided by the Canada Non-Profit Corporations Act, the Association’s letters patent and Section 1.03, the Board creates policies to provide direction on specific operational issues encountered by the Association that are not addressed in other foundational documents.  Please note that some specific practices and processes are often captured in the operations guides of the Association’s committees and task forces rather than within policies affecting the entire Association.

The Governance Committee reviews policies on a continuing basis to ensure that they remain consistent and relevant to the Association’s current operations.  Policies are written in a consistent format according to a standard template and are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. 

To promote transparency and openness in the Association’s governance, all approved Association policies are presented on this page for members to examine.  Please contact the chair of the Governance Committee or the ACA Office if you have any questions or concerns about the Association’s policies, rules, and procedures.

Code of Ethics for Archivists in Canada

The ACA promotes a Code of Ethics to guide the professional practice of Canadian archivists. For further information about the principles of the Code and their application, please visit the Code of Ethics page.

Volunteer Code

The ACA both values and relies on its volunteers.  The Association has developed a Volunteer Code to define better the relationship between the Association and its volunteers. The Code outlines expectations about participation, communications, relationships with the ACA Secretariat, conflicts of interest and confidentiality. The Code also contains detailed job descriptions for all volunteer positions within the Association.

Code of Conduct

The ACA does not tolerate harassment in any form.  The Association has adopted a Code of Conduct to help create a harassment-free environment for its members and others who participate in its conferences, events, meetings, formal mentoring relationships, and online spaces.

Privacy Statement, Policy and Compliance

The ACA values the privacy of its members and customers. Any information collected from members and clients is used solely in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available below as a PDF, which adheres to the "Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)." The use of all information collected is restricted to Association purposes. To view our policies, please click on one of the following links:

Other Association Policies