Online access to e-Archivaria's reserved issues

If you are a user of the online edition of Archivaria, you will be delighted with the news that now, you only need to visit one web location in order to view and access both the open and reserved issues and articles. 

Members and subscribers are now able to access all issues, both open and reserved journal articles, reviews and such at the online e-Archivaria collection,

Click on the Issue, then name of the article you wish to view, then on PDF which appears in the lower left of the Abstract screen under "Full Text"

  • For the individual member / subscriber, enter your  User ID & password, as provided by ACA, in order to view / access reserved articles and reviews.
  • For institutions, access is available by IP address or IP string.  Simply contact ACA's office with the IP address or string of addresses for your Institution's location (single geographic site), allowing 5 to 7 days for processing.

Hope you enjoy this feature and happy browsing of the e-Archivaria collection.