Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I qualify for student membership rates?

In order to qualify for the student membership rate, you must be enrolled as a full-time student at a high school, college, or university.

Students have two options for membership. ACA offers an annual membership for full-time students, who will receive full benefits including print copies of Archivaria and the ACA Bulletin by mail. ACA also offers a student e-membership that includes electronic rather than print copies of these publications. Both types of student membership are limited to a maximum 3-year term.

How can I become involved in a student chapter?

To join an ACA Student Chapter, you must be enrolled in a graduate-level archives program at a Canadian university. Contact the coordinator of your local chapter.

If there is no functioning chapter at your university, or if no coordinator has been elected for a given year, please see the Guidelines for Student Chapters about forming a new chapter.

How can I participate in the ACA Mentorship Program?

For more information on the ACA Mentorship Program, visit the Mentorship Program portion of our web site, which can be found in the Professional Development section. There you will find contact information, a program outline and mentor and mentee application forms.

How do I become an ACA member?

For information on how to become a member of the ACA, visit the Membership page of our web site.

What are the benefits of membership?

ACA members receive two issues of Archivaria (or e-Archivaria for e-Members), the ACA’s newsletter, the Bulletin, and an invitation to the Annual Conference at a special rate. Membership also includes access to the Members’ Only website where you will find a searchable members directory and conference proceedings. For a full list of member benefits, please see our Membership page.

What is a sustaining member?

Sustaining members are individuals that qualify for general membership, but who wish to assist the ACA financially in its work on behalf of archivists and archives.

What is my membership status?

To find out about the status of your ACA membership renewal, please contact the ACA Office.

What is the membership year?

The ACA membership year runs from January 1 to December 31, corresponding with the calendar year.

Where can I get an ACA Membership Directory?

An electronic Membership Directory with up-to-date member information is available to Members through the Members Only site.

A printable PDF version of the ACA Membership Directory is prepared in March, then updated in July; it is posted on the members website. Please contact the ACA Office for more details regarding the Directory.