Ethics Committee

ACA Ethics Survey Report: Here are the results of the recent survey by the ACA Ethics Committee. The Committee is reviewing the results. It will seek further input upon the publication in late April or early May of a draft Code for comment. View the survery results here.

Ethics Committee Survey

The Association of Canadian Archivists seeks your input to help with revising its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The goals for the revised Code are to:

  • Embed recent influences into the principles and application of the Code;
  • Make the Code more relevant to everyone involved in the archival endeavour;
  • Make the Code understandable to those outside of the archival and record keeping fields.

This short survey (21 questions) was developed following a review of existing Codes (in English). The revised Code will benefit from the knowledge and insights of respondents from around the world. It will be posted for three weeks and compiled results will be published by the ACA.

The survey will not collect IP addresses of respondents. All questions are optional and no personal information is requested in any case. For additional privacy information, please see SurveyMonkey’s privacy policy.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Jim Suderman, Chair
ACA Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee reviews and advises the Board of Directors on ethical matters faced by the Association and reviews the Association's Code of Ethics on a regular basis.

List of Committee Members

Name Position
Jim Suderman Chair
Myron Groover Member
Greg Kozak Member
Corinne Rogers Member


Code of Ethics - PDF