Call for Submissions to ACA 2015 Conference in Regina is open; deadline for proposals is Oct. 3, 2014.

Call for Submissions to ACA 2015 Conference in Regina is open; deadline for proposals is Oct. 3, 2014.

ACA 2015: Perspectives on the Archival Horizon

Regina, Saskatchewan, June 11-13, 2015

Our horizon is a function of the way the world is and how we see things. We can change how we view the world, but we must start from where we now stand; and we must bear in mind our position will influence how others perceive us.  Our horizon is the boundary where the earth and the sky meet and where expectations, dreams and hope exist alongside reality. The 2015 ACA Program Team invites conference session proposals that consider the archival horizon from three perspectives:

The view from here. For example:

  • a reality-check on actual challenges, failures, and successes for archives and archivists
  • are traditional archival functions and practices still valid and viable, or are they in competition with trends?
  • are archives meeting the expectations of our digital world?
  • is it significant that each archives has a unique position on the Canadian landscape?
  • are archivists still relevant?  Do we know who we are?

The view from other perspectives.  For example:

  • the influence of users on archival theory and practice
  • the relationship between archivists and records creators
  • handling conflict between the needs of users, funders, and the records
  • has the internet given the world one shared horizon and how does that affect archival acquisition and access?
  • have archives ever been, or should they be, populist?

New horizons.  For example:

  • how do the records we acquire shape the horizon in terms of research and the view of future users?
  • towards sustainable archives – how do we get there from here?
  • creative funding models; can we continue to do more with less?
  • how do we identify and promote the role of archivists?
  • reflection on action arising from the recommendations of the Archives Summit and expert panels

Join us under Saskatchewan’s big sky to gaze with a critical and appraising eye over the wide open archival horizon.

Use the “Call for Submission” link on the ACA website at or,

The Call for Submissions deadline is October 3, 2014. 

Complete session proposals are most welcome, but individual paper proposals will also be considered and if accepted, slotted into appropriate sessions.  Sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours.  Proposals can be either practical or theoretical, in a variety of formats including:

  1. Traditional session: formal presentation of papers; approximately 20 minutes per speaker, with questions to follow as time allows.
  2. Panel discussion: abbreviated presentation of papers; approximately 10-15 minutes per speaker, with discussion to follow.
  3. Roundtable: brief 5-7 minute presentations with open discussion
  4. Focused Debate on a specific topic: brief presentations with open discussion & debate to follow


The deadline for proposals is: October 3, 2014


Workshop Proposals  - are submitted using the Full Session submission web form; these submissions will be forwarded to the Professional Learning Committee, which will make its decisions in November.


Workshop is defined as a full 1-day or 2-day event, generally combining presentations, group discussions and hands-on activities for a group of about 25 – 30 participants. Workshops can cover any topic/subject, and may not be related directly to the conference theme.



Student Papers and Posters: There will be a Call for Student Papers as well as a Call for Posters later this year, with submission deadlines early in 2015.

Please direct any questions to:

Susan McClure, Chair, ACA 2015 Conference Program Team