Awards and Recipients

The ACA has two award categories for members and one for non-members; these are described below together with lists of the recipients of these awards.

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Fellows of the Association of Canadian Archivists

The highest recognition award, Fellows are celebrated and acknowledged for their long-standing service to the Association and the Canadian archival community.

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals whom the ACA wishes to honour for their distinguished service to the archival profession. Fellows retain this distinction for life, provided they maintain their membership with the Association.

Fellows of the ACA are chosen based on longstanding membership in and demonstrated commitment to the ACA, extensive professional experience in archives or related fields, demonstrated achievement in the archival world, which may include leadership in the field, scholarship, and/or other outstanding contribution and which has had a cumulative impact on the archival field.

The Fellows category was instituted in 2009, transitioning from the category of Honorary Members which was in place from 1979. Between 1979 to 2008, the Association of Canadian Archivists recognized the following individuals for their distinguished service to the archival profession. These individuals are now recognized as the Founding Fellows of the ACA.

Founding Fellows are:

W. Kaye Lamb (1979, deceased) Helen McClung (1980, deceased)
Lewis H. Thomas (1982, deceased) Hugh Taylor (1983, deceased)
Wilfred Smith (1984, deceased) Alan Ridge (1985, deceased)
Phyllis Blakeley (1986, deceased) Alfred G. Bailey (1989, deceased)
Alan R. Turner (1990) Anne MacDermaid (1992, deceased)
Jean Tener (1992, deceased) Michael Swift (1997, deceased)
Stan Hanson (2000, deceased) Jay Atherton (2002, deceased)
Carman Carroll (2004) Elizabeth Diamond (2004, deceased)
Harold Holland (2005) Marion Beyea (2006)
Terry Eastwood (2007) Barbara L. Craig (2008)
Marcel Caya (2008)  

Fellows of the ACA are:

George Brandak (2009) Terry Cook (2009, deceased)
Patricia Kennedy (2009) Ian Wilson (2009)
Ted Hart (2010) Tom Nesmith (2010)
Jerry O'Brien (2010)
Apollonia Steele (2010)
Bryan Corbett (2011) Heather MacNeil (2011)
Shelley Sweeney (2011) Nancy Marrelli (2012)
Jean Dryden (2013)  Luciana Duranti (2014)
Laura Millar (2016)


Member Recognition Award

The purpose of this award, given annually to any individual, affiliated association or institution who is a member of the Association in good standing, is:

  • to identify and honour those members of the Association who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the ACA and to the development of the archival profession;
  • to recognize, celebrate and encourage the professional achievements, contributions and excellence of ACA members in the field of archival practice;
  • to raise the standard of practice within the profession by recognizing and rewarding excellence;
  • to increase support for the aims and objectives of the ACA by recognizing and encouraging outstanding contributions; and
  • to promote interest in the archival profession in Canada by acknowledging publicly the contributions made by individual archivists.
Kent Haworth (2002, deceased) Catherine Bailey (2004)
Brian Corbett (2005) Diane Haglund (2006)
Robert McIntosh (2007) Cheryl Avery (2009)
Nancy Hurn (2013)  Loryl MacDonald (2016)

The ACA Honorary Archivist Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals whom the ACA wishes to honour for their contribution to the archival profession. The Honorary Archivist entitles recipients to attend the Association’s events, including the annual conference, AGM (non-voting ), and workshops at individual member’s rates.

Honorary Archivist may be awarded to any individual, normally not a member of the ACA nor involved in the archival profession.


Please find criteria for each of the Award Categories and a Nomination for which you may submit to the ACA Office or Governance Committee for review.