Article Reprints & Back Issues

Reprints of individual articles as well as printed back issues are available for many of the published issues of Archivaria. The information below outlines what is available as well as the conditions which apply to use of this material.

Individual articles from most issues of Archivaria are available to anyone through the e-Archivaria Collection, with the exception of the most recent eight (8) which are reserved for access by subscribers and ACA members.

Reprints are provided as single user copy of the item in question, and does not allow for further reproduction or sharing (i.e., to make copies for or pass to others) without appropriate permission & payment of reprint fee, preferably through Access Copyright. The PDF file may be saved or printed, while the user agrees to the Conditions for the Use of ACA Online Publications.

Individual articles from the current and most recent eight (8) issues are restricted to access by subscribers and ACA members. An individual who is neither a subscriber or ACA member may order one or more reprints from the reserved issues. Costs for these reprints are:

  • articles (includes Counterpoint, Studies in Documents, Notes & Communications, and review articles): $25 each
  • all other items (including book and exhibition reviews): $10 each

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Back Issues

Print back issues of Archivaria are available as shown on the Back Issue Order Form. Discounts apply on multiple copy orders. Canadian taxes apply to Canadian residents. Orders must be pre-paid. Please send your order with cheque or credit card information (AMEX, MasterCard or VISA) to the ACA office.

Published Issues of Archivaria no longer available in print edition

No. 1 (Winter 1975-76) No. 4 (Summer 1977)
No. 5 (Winter 1977-78) No. 9 (Winter 1979-80)
No. 10 (Summer 1980)  
No. 12 (Summer 1981) No. 13 (Winter 1981-82)
No. 14 (Summer 1982) No. 15 (Winter 1982-83)
No. 16 (Summer 1983) No. 17 (Winter 1983-84)
No. 18 (Summer 1984) No. 19 (Winter 1984-85)
No. 22 (Summer 1986) No. 23 (Winter 1986-87)
No. 24 (Summer 1987) No. 28 (Spring 1989)
No. 32 (Summer 1991) No. 36 (Autumn 1993)
No. 37 (Spring 1994) No. 40 (Fall 1995)
No. 45 (Spring 1998) No. 46 (Fall 1998)
No. 49 (Spring 2000) No. 53 (Spring 2002)
No. 69 (Spring 2010)