Annual East – West Softball Game Results

Some brief hightlights of this exciting annual event:

  • the current holder of the Doughty Cup (winner) is Team West
  • total of games won by Team West is 14 and by Team East is 13
  • click on this link for the Rules of the East - West ball game

Here is the Doughty Cup winning team from ACA 2014 in Victoria:

2014 Doughty Cup team (West)

Here are results from our annual East Vs. West Softball games:


Game Location

Winning Team

1978 London, ON Not reported
1979 Saskatoon, SK East
1980 Montreal, QC Not reported
1981 Halifax, NS Not reported
1982 Ottawa, ON Not reported
1983 Vancouver, BC Not reported
1984 Toronto, ON East
1985 Edmonton, AB West
1986 Winnipeg, MB East
1986 Hamilton, ON West
1988 Windsor, ON Tied, called for rain
1989 Fredericton, NB West
1990 Victoria, BC Rained out
1991 Banff, AB East
1992 Montreal, QC Not reported
1993 St. John’s East
1994 Ottawa West
1995 Regina West, surely
1996 Whitehorse West (or North)
1997 Ottawa East
1998 Halifax East
1999 London Ontario
2000 Edmonton West
2001 Winnipeg Not reported
2002 Vancouver West
2003 Toronto rained out
2004 Montreal West
2005 Saskatoon West
2006 St. John’s East
2007 Kingston East
2008 Fredericton East
2009 Calgary West
2010 Halifax East
2011 Toronto West
2012 Whitehorse West
2013 Winnipeg East
2014 Victoria West
2015 Regina Rained out
2016 Montreal East