ACA Code of Conduct for a harassment-free environment

This year’s survey of delegates attending the ACA’s annual conference revealed the usual wide variety of opinions about the food, sessions, and local activities.  But in reviewing this year’s results, the Board also noted a particular issue that came up in a couple of delegate responses – the need for a conference code of conduct.

The ACA Board actually approved a Code of Conduct for the Association shortly after the 2014 conference in Victoria.  Intended to apply to situations at ACA conferences, online spaces, and other events, the Code of Conduct reflects the ACA’s commitment to providing an environment that is free from harassment and defines how the ACA will respond when individuals experience harassment at ACA events or online platforms.  When any individual registers for any ACA event, he or she is required to agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, ensuring that a consistent standard of behaviour is exhibited by all participants.  The Code also defines what would happen to an individual who breaches the Code.

The Code provides members with a benchmark with respect to expected behaviour at ACA events and online spaces and creates a mechanism for the Board to address issues of harassment in a consistent and straightforward manner.  The Code is available here or visit the Policies, Codes, and Procedures page of the ACA website.  If you have concerns or experience harassment, please contact the Board or staff of the ACA immediately to discuss the problems you’re seeing or experiencing.