ACA-Ancestry Agreement

By Jennifer Roberts, Treasurer 

 Jenn was elected to the ACA Board in June 2014 for a two year term from January 1, 2015-December 31, 2016. She works as a private records archivist at Yukon Archives in Whitehorse. 

The Association of Canadian Archivists is pleased to announce that we have concluded a 5-year sponsorship agreement with Ancestry. Ancestry is supportive of the ACA’s vision and priorities of advocacy, communications, governance, outreach and professional development and to that end is providing the ACA with an annual donation for each of the next five years, beginning in 2016.   

The agreement will continue Ancestry’s gold sponsorship of the Awards Luncheon at the annual conference and it will provide the following additional benefits: Ancestry will be recognized on the ACA website as a sponsor, an annual meeting opportunity between ACA Board members and Ancestry will be provided, and the ACA may distribute information about Ancestry programs to members once a year. ACA plans to direct a portion of the funds to our online learning initiative and the agreement specifically includes a $1200 annual scholarship. This scholarship will be developed and overseen by the ACA Foundation and, as Chair of the ACAF, I look forward to sharing those details with you later this year. 

 As ACA members are aware, our association has been experiencing diminishing revenues across its program areas over the last several years. Since 1975 the ACA has welcomed advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors to participate in our annual conference but this revenue source has decreased significantly since 2010. While sponsorship is not the only solution to the ACA’s financial situation, I believe this agreement with Ancestry is a step in the right direction.

The ACA appreciates Ancestry’s support of our organization and we look forward to working with them in 2016.